Everyone who likes delicious home-made food and dogs is welcome to our farm. Our cellar is filled with top-notch wines of Vipava wine road. You can sample the wines together with traditional air-dried meat products. You can relax with your beloved dog in a purposely arranged playground, and you can spend the night in idyllic rustic apartments which have the view of the lower Vipava Valley. 

Vipava Valley is situated between two Karst plateaus, Trnovo forest with Hrušica to the north and Trieste-Komen Karst to the south. It is one of the most original areas in Slovenia. You can see the sea at a distance of 12 kilometres.

As the valley opens to the west, it still has the main characteristics of a moderate sub-Mediterranean climate. Wind is an important factor here. The warm south-westerly called “mornik” comes to the valley across Karst bringing warm and moist Mediterranean masses, which result in heavy rainfall because of high barriers.

Bora wind is a strong and gusty north-easterly. It is the strongest in winter, bringing cold air to the valley. All these climatic characteristics are the guarantee for us to process our traditional air-dried meat specialties such as Vipava air-dried ham, salamis, bacon, pressed sausages as well as some other exclusive products which can’t fail to pleasantly surprise every guest. It is our wish to respect the tradition and to adopt modern approaches in order to preserve and upgrade successful farming.

Today we live and work according to the following principles:

  • quality of products
  • concern for nature
  • authenticity
  • simplicity and kindness
  • liking animals
  • liking people