About us

Kmetija KošutaThe first written record of the Košuta family tree dates back to the year 1772, when the birth of Joseph Košuta was put down in the parish register. Since then, Elizabeth and her brother are the fifth generation living on this farm. In the past the farm was engaged in animal husbandry, and it also owned a mill and a turbine to produce electric current.

Elizabeth’s father Joseph took over the farm from his father Anton in 1956. When her father retired, Elizabeth took over the farm in the year 2002.

It used to be a livestock-cattle farm till about 1980. Later it was shifted to fruit growing (by Elizabeth’s father.) Mostly peaches and early apples, plums and pears were produced. Later on kiwi was introduced as a nursery plant to produce grafts. Since 1996 plantation areas have been gradually reduced and since Slovenia joined EU, the owners have started thinking about marketing their own farm produce and pig farming.

Orchards have been replaced by fields of clover. Today the farm is engaged in pig farming and partly in wine-growing. Elizabeth and her husband Hari have had a complementary activity on the farm, which they started to promote their own farm produce.  Air-dried meat products are made on the farm to meet the requirements.